School in times of Covid-19


This is the website for our online survey ‘School & Covid’. We, Hilke Brockmann and Song Yan, are researchers at Jacobs University in Bremen. And we would like to let students have their say in this pandemic. Please tell us how you/they experienced this time? How has the pandemic shaped you? Are you happy? Do you have a desire to learn? And what should change in the school in the future?
We have developed a really short questionnaire, it takes less than 10 minutes, and it asks about your well-being. We will collect these questions in Germany and China to also see if different policies and culture make a difference.
We will show the results on this page. As researchers, we protect your privacy and take your privacy very seriously.

Try it out. Just click on the link, give your consent and off you go.

For further questions you can reach us via email:

Thank you!
Stay healthy and in a good mood!
Hilke Brockmann & Song YAN

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