Research / Current Projects

Well-Being of Women in Leadership Positions
with Adele Diederich, Jacobs University; Anne-Maren Koch, Volkswagen AG & Christofer Edling, Lund University

Parenting Styles and Subjective Well-Being in Germany and China
with Song YAN, Jacobs University; Su LI, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Kai Ludwigs, Happiness Organization, Düsseldorf

    Recent studies have shown the influence of the parental home on learning effectiveness (Braun and Stuhler, 2018; Khanam and Nghiem, 2016; Hyunjoon Park, Buchmann, Choi, and Merry, 2016), social mobility (Hartas, 2015), and mental health (Musick, Meier and Flood, 2016). In this project, we investigate how cultural differences in parenting affect the time-use and subjective well-being of school children and their parents in Germany and China. Which parenting norms and parenting styles (Heejung Park & Lau, 2016) contribute to or hinder school success and a happy upbringing? ( read more … )

Future Visions of the Tech Elite
with John Torpey, CUNY

    It is often claimed that innovations in information technology, nanotechnology, arti cial intelligence, cognitive sciences, biotechnology, and other emerging technologies will fundamentally change society. But how? In this project, we investigate how members of the global high tech-elite envision the future of human society. ( read more … )

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